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The fate of two families is inextricably linked, after a cyclist hits the road in a jeep to Christmas Eve. Brilliant graduates fight, to find work. He was introduced after a fall in a babysitter, the mother of the child in the world international calls, its employees and the hectic door centres. His father, Giancarlo at Rome from the small town from the town of Montalto di Castro, Catherine, a young girl 12 years old, you will discover new colleagues, a new world. See the complete summary. A romance of the country about a human wave in the horse and the horse in the people. Love and death interwoven and with enormous consequences. The fate of the people of the country through the perception of the horses. Inspired by actual events, this is a black comedy of the 20-year history of Sicily from 70 years to 90 years old, ignore the mafia boss and restore the generosity of the heroes of the mafia. Their. See the complete summary. A University researcher is sacked by cuts at the University. A living decides, medicines to the recruitment of his former colleagues who live despite their abilities, on the margins of society. The story of Pierre, placed a child since he fatherhood, in connection with the city of Leghorn (Livorno), Tuscany, birthplace of Director Vance. Guido and Antonia are in front of a young man with a few characters and hours of work: he works as a doorman at a hotel one night work and worked as an employee of a car rental service. . See the complete summary. Dino Ossola, a real estate agent, dreaming of great things; Serena Ossola, spoiled his teenage daughter, ranging with one; Carla Bruneschi, actress who gave up her career to marry a wealthy businessman. Samuel Bailey, her husband, a powerful actor; John Bailey, troubled son of Bernaschis; Roberto Ossola, a psychologist, the second wife of movies capital uk Dino. Donato Russomano, Professor for brilliant Theatre, in love with Carla; John Ambrosini, teenager, which seen by others bad. a driver without a name. Are all shareholders of human capital. Error. All? Really?,. .